Róhe is an Amsterdam-based brand and design studio with an international approach to fashion.

The collections are defined by signature handwriting, selections of high-quality Italian fabrics and attention to detail. Modern, timeless and classic, resulting in silhouettes with a sharp edge, characteristic of Róhe.

Róhe does not conform to seasons, but works in Frames. Róhe Frames. The Frames form the foundation for a personal, meaningful wardrobe, that is anything but disposable and transcends seasons. A conscious approach, by making long-lasting investment pieces for today’s men and women. With an addition of gender neutral styles, a modern exploration of a less traditional clothing standard.

Love for handmade products and unique objects is showcased throughout the collections by giving local artists a platform. Cool collaborations, introducing and presenting specially designed rugs, handmade ceramics, vintage collectors furniture and a scented candle object. A world that encompasses more than just fashion and acquires a need for responsible communication, working together to uplift each other. As well as the great importance of long-lasting business relationships, each with their own different specialties, craftsmanship, and talents.

Róhe, a written language of style in which the brand sharpens its creative focus and adapts to new mindsets in this transient time. An ongoing quest to perfect the needs of our time.

Now Agency represents Róhe Mens in Scandinavia and Róhe Womens in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Island.