Missoni was founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita, who not only partnered up professionally, but also privately started building up their family of five counting Vittorio, Luca and Angela. Who grew up in direct contact with their parent’s work, which quickly became the cutting edge of Italian Fashion.

Closely involved with the business, they took on increasingly responsible roles, becoming co-creators in the Missoni project that continues to seduce and excite today. Missoni is now one of the best representatives of Italian Fashion and design excellence around the world. With its pioneering multicolored aesthetic vision, Missoni continues to influence the contemporary lifestyle, supported by the success of the Missoni Home line.

At Now Agency we proudly represent the Missoni men’s line. The clean designs host an explosion of geometric patterns in a frenetic patchwork. The “Missonism” allows geometric shapes to take over in bold and playful ways, being that lively light in turbulent times.