Founded in 1961 by Sandro Zara, Barena Venezia is inspired by the rich heritage of style of his hometown: Venice. The collection, made entirely in Italy, combines traditional tailoring and contemporary design in a low-key colour palette.

Barena Venezia is a small, family-owned company that has significantly influenced the way men (and women) dress in and outside Italy. The philosophy of the brand derives from the lagoons of Venice with a profound appreciation and understanding of those who came before us. With their knowhow on soft tailoring, Barena has adapted the qualities of Venetian durable workwear traditions and combined it with a modern aesthetic twist, always paying attention to the details of the craftmanship.

In 2010, Barena extended the brand with a womenswear line, when Francesca Zara, daughter of Sandro, became a part of the family business and Barena women’s creative director.

Now Agency is proudly representing Barena Venezia in Scandinavia.