Eszter Áron was born in Hungary, 1981. Her grandfather worked as a tailor, while her mother was a textile trader whom Áron frequently accompanied to textile, fashion, and art fairs as a child. These experiences, along with the impeccable sense of personal style of her mother, developed Áron’s eye for aesthetics and accelerated the unavoidable, working in the industry herself. Working with best-in-class materials in her in-house atelier—always through the lens of sustainable innovation—Áron sets
out to create state-of-the-art garments with close attention to detail.  

Her design principle is clear: using the friction that comes from balancing opposites to her strength. In practice, that equates to blending the masculine and the feminine, the elegant and the rustic, man-made and the machine-made. Founded in Budapest by Eszter Áron, AERON sets out to seamlessly blend the timelessness of traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art design technologies, always filtered through the lens of a modern woman’s day-to-day.


“She is brave, open-minded, experimental and lives in the very moment. By making a discreet statement with her garments each and every day, the AERON woman represents an image of understated luxury.” - Eszter Áron, Founder and Creative Director - about the AERON Women.